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Litigation Services

Small Claims, Provincial Offences, Criminal Charges (Summary Convictions) & Tribunals

Document Review & Drafting

Contract Review & Drafting, Court & Government Forms, Demand Letters or Responses

Judgement Enforcement

Collections, Evictions, Writs, Garnishments & Examinations



Pleasure to work with!

Golabgir Legal Services is a pleasure to work with. They fought for our rights to our satisfaction.

Owner / P S

Problem Solver

I have used Golabgir Legal Services on several occasions, they have solved my problems on all occasions. I always contact Golabgir Legals Services when I need a problem solvers.


We don’t bother with Collections Agencies, or other methods of collections

We have been using Golabgir Legal Services for a few years now, as part of our accounts receivable collection process.  Although we hope to always have good paying customers with no headaches, that is not always the case.  When we find a customer is ignoring their account, or simply not responding to our payment requests, we immediately send their information to Golabgir Legal Services.  We don’t bother with Collections Agencies, or other methods of collections.  Golabgir Legal Services is able to quickly assess the situation, communicate with the customer, and provide a payment resolution.  Often without even having to proceed to Court.  (However, in the event that we had to pursue the customers in Court, we have always been successful!) Without Golabgir Legal Services, we would have likely left many of these outstanding accounts unresolved, and would have written off the money as bad debt.  I highly recommend that anybody who wants a fast and easy solution to collecting money, make contact with this company.


Professional, Persistent and Outstanding

"I was very pleased with Ali Golabgir as my paralegal. He was very professional, persistent and outstanding in the courtroom. His confidence and winning attitude in the courtroom won us the case and he did not give up or back down. Ali was very honest,reassuring and very thorough throughout my entire case. Ali Golabgir exceeded all my expectations and I would definitely use his services again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great paralegal."


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